In the rich tapestry of Aboriginal mythology, Daramulum is revered as a significant deity associated with the sun and celestial realms. Believed to have originated from the Dreamtime, the primordial period of creation, Daramulum is considered a powerful ancestral figure and a provider of light and life to the world.


Depictions of Daramulum often portray him as a radiant figure, symbolizing the brilliance and warmth of the sun. He is depicted with a shining golden or fiery complexion, exuding an aura of divine energy. Daramulum is often shown wearing a headdress adorned with feathers, representing his connection to the celestial realm and his association with birds.

Powers & Duties

As the sun-hero, Daramulum possesses extraordinary powers related to the sun and celestial phenomena. He has control over daylight, bestowing warmth, light, and vitality upon the Earth. Daramulum’s presence in the sky is believed to govern the cycles of day and night, and his movements are associated with the changing seasons.


Daramulum’s family connections in Aboriginal mythology vary across different regions and communities. In some traditions, he is considered a son of Baiame, the Supreme Creator, while in other stories, he is regarded as a sibling or close companion to Baiame. Daramulum is often associated with the Wawalag Sisters, who represent fertility and initiation ceremonies.


Several symbols are associated with Daramulum, each carrying deep spiritual significance. The sun is the primary symbol representing his essence, symbolizing illumination, life, and energy. The eagle, often depicted alongside Daramulum, is a symbol of strength, wisdom, and divine protection. Other symbols include the golden radiating rays of the sun and celestial orbs.


Worship of Daramulum is intertwined with celestial observances and ceremonies dedicated to the sun. Aboriginal communities honor Daramulum through rituals involving dance, song, and storytelling. These ceremonies celebrate the life-giving properties of the sun and express gratitude for its warmth and light. They also acknowledge the role of Daramulum in sustaining life and maintaining balance in the natural world.

Facts About Daramulum

  • Daramulum is believed to have created the first fire, sharing its warmth and transformative power with humanity.
  • Some Aboriginal cultures consider Daramulum as a mediator between the spiritual and earthly realms, guiding souls on their journey after death.
  • Daramulum’s teachings emphasize the importance of balance and harmony in both the physical and spiritual realms.
  • The sun’s movement across the sky is sometimes believed to be Daramulum riding in his celestial chariot or canoe.
  • The stories and legends of Daramulum often reflect the diverse cultural interpretations and regional variations found among Aboriginal communities.


Daramulum Facts

Rules over: Sun
Symbols:Sun, Rays, Celestial Orbs
Sacred animals:Eagle
Siblings: Baiame (In some stories)
Greek Similar:
Roman Similar: