Yhi, also known as the Sun Goddess, holds a significant place in the mythologies of various Aboriginal cultures across Australia. Regarded as a primordial being, Yhi is believed to have emerged during the Dreamtime, the ancient period of creation. She is associated with the birth of light, life, and the illumination of the world.


Yhi is often depicted as a radiant and ethereal figure, symbolizing the brilliance and warmth of the sun. She is portrayed with a glowing aura and is often shown wearing a headdress adorned with sun rays. Yhi’s presence is associated with the dawning of each new day and the nourishing energy of sunlight.

Powers & Duties

As the Sun Goddess, Yhi possesses extraordinary powers related to the sun and its life-giving properties. She is believed to control the cycles of day and night, bestowing light, warmth, and vitality upon the Earth. Yhi’s presence is associated with the growth of plants, the awakening of animals, and the overall sustenance of life.


The family connections of Yhi in Aboriginal mythology may vary among different cultural traditions. In some stories, she is regarded as a mother or progenitor of other deities and ancestral figures associated with the natural world. Yhi’s relationships with other divine beings often reflect her role as a creator and nurturer of life.


Several symbols are associated with Yhi, each representing her significance and influence. The sun is the primary symbol, embodying her radiant energy and life-giving qualities. Sun rays, often depicted as golden beams, represent the illumination and warmth Yhi provides to the world. Additionally, the colors gold and yellow are associated with Yhi, symbolizing the sun’s brilliance.


Worship of Yhi involves ceremonies and rituals that honor her power and seek her blessings. Aboriginal communities may conduct rituals at sunrise, offering prayers, songs, and dances to express gratitude for the sun’s life-sustaining energy. Yhi’s presence is acknowledged in various cultural practices, emphasizing the connection between spirituality, nature, and the cycles of life.

Facts About Yhi

  • Yhi is believed to have transformed various forms of life from mundane creatures into unique and diverse species, bringing beauty and vitality to the world.
  • Some Aboriginal cultures associate Yhi with the creation of fire, reflecting the transformative power of the sun’s energy.
  • Yhi’s teachings emphasize the importance of balance, harmony, and the interdependence of all living beings.
  • The stories and legends of Yhi often reflect the diversity and richness of Australian indigenous cultures.
  • Yhi’s role as the Sun Goddess highlights the reverence and appreciation Aboriginal cultures have for the life-giving properties of sunlight and its essential role in sustaining the Earth.


Yhi Facts

Rules over: Sun
Symbols:Sun rays
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