Rhiannon is a captivating goddess in Celtic mythology, known for her beauty, grace, and magical powers. Her origins can be traced back to ancient Celtic beliefs, where she emerged as a central figure associated with sovereignty, enchantment, and the Otherworld.


Rhiannon is often depicted as a regal and alluring goddess, radiating an aura of mystery and elegance. She is portrayed as a young woman on a magnificent horse, symbolizing her connection to the realms of the Otherworld and the land. Rhiannon’s depiction highlights her grace, beauty, and commanding presence.


Horses and birds hold symbolic significance in relation to Rhiannon. Horses represent freedom, swiftness, and the connection between the earthly realm and the Otherworld. Birds, particularly ravens and white birds, symbolize wisdom, prophecy, and the liminal spaces between worlds. The symbolism of these animals reflects Rhiannon’s multifaceted nature and her connection to the realms beyond.

Powers & Duties

As a goddess of enchantment and sovereignty, Rhiannon possesses a range of powers and attributes that reflect her mystical nature. She is associated with the ability to shape-shift, control the weather, and communicate with animals. Rhiannon’s powers extend to fertility, the arts, and divination, showcasing her influence in matters of creativity, intuition, and the cycles of life.


Rhiannon’s importance in Celtic culture is reflected in the worship and rituals dedicated to her. Ceremonies and offerings are made to honor her as a goddess of sovereignty, love, and the mysteries of the Otherworld. Rituals may involve the lighting of candles, the playing of music, and the recitation of prayers or invocations.

Facts About Rhiannon

  • Rhiannon’s name is believed to mean “Great Queen” or “Divine Queen,” emphasizing her status as a powerful and revered figure.
  • Rhiannon is associated with the Three Birds of Rhiannon, magical birds whose song can awaken the dead or lull the living to sleep.
  • In some stories, Rhiannon is depicted as riding a horse at an incredibly swift pace, able to cover vast distances effortlessly.
  • Rhiannon’s story of falsely killing her child and her subsequent redemption highlights themes of resilience, justice, and transformation.
  • Rhiannon’s influence extends beyond Celtic mythology, as she has inspired various artistic and literary works, showcasing her enduring appeal and significance.

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Rhiannon Facts

Rules over: Horses, Birds
Symbols:The moon
Sacred animals:Songbirds, Horses
Greek Similar:
Roman Similar: Epona