Aegir is a figure in Norse mythology who is often described as a jötunn (a type of giant) associated with the sea and the ocean. He is not a member of the Aesir, the principal group of Norse gods, but he interacts with them on occasion and is known for hosting feasts in his underwater hall.


Rán is a sea goddess often depicted as a fierce and powerful figure. She is associated with the dangers of the sea, including the act of capturing those who drown.

Ægir and Rán have nine daughters, often referred to as the Nine Daughters of Ægir and Ran. Each daughter is associated with a different aspect of the sea. These daughters are often invoked in poetic or mythological contexts to describe different aspects of the sea, such as waves, foam, and tides. Some myths mention Heimdall as his grandson.


In Norse mythology, Ægir doesn’t have a universally recognized symbol like some other mythological figures.

Powers & Duties

In Norse mythology, Ægir is primarily associated with the sea and its unpredictable and powerful nature.  Ægir has power over the sea and its elements. He is often seen as a personification of the ocean’s vastness, its currents, and its tides.

Ægir is known for hosting grand feasts in his underwater hall. These feasts often involve lavish amounts of mead and attract both gods and giants.

Facts About Aegir

  • Ægir is often referred to as a “giant” in Norse mythology, but his role is unique compared to other giants. He is primarily associated with the sea and its various aspects.
  •  Ægir’s hall is often referred to as “Hlér’s Hall” or “Ægir’s Hall.” This hall is located beneath the waves of the ocean and serves as the setting for his feasts.
  • Despite being a jötunn, Ægir interacts with the Aesir gods, such as Odin and Thor. His feasts are occasions where gods and giants come together.
  •  Ægir’s domain includes various sea creatures and beings, contributing to the richness of Norse mythological narratives.
  • Some sources suggest that Ægir survives Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse, and continues to govern the sea in the new world that emerges after the cataclysmic event.

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Aegir Facts

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