Idun is primarily known as the goddess of youth and the keeper of the golden apples of eternal youth. She is responsible for safeguarding these apples, which are crucial for maintaining the gods’ vitality and immortality.


Idun is often depicted as a youthful and beautiful goddess.


Idun is married to Bragi, the Norse god of poetry and eloquence.


The most prominent symbol associated with Idun is the golden apples she guards. These magical fruits represent eternal youth and rejuvenation. The apples serve as a powerful symbol of her role in preserving the vitality and strength of the gods.

Powers & Duties

Idun’s most significant power lies in her guardianship of the golden apples of eternal youth. These apples have the remarkable ability to bestow eternal youthfulness upon the gods who consume them. This power ensures that the gods remain strong, healthy, and ageless.

Idun’s apples can potentially possess healing properties, as they are associated with rejuvenation. In some interpretations, these apples might have the ability to heal wounds or ailments, contributing to the gods’ overall well-being.


Once, a giant named Thjazi, also known as Thiassi, coveted the apples of eternal youth that Idunn possessed. He transformed into an eagle and abducted Idunn from Asgard, the realm of the gods. In her absence, the gods began to age and weaken, realizing that their vitality was linked to the apples Idunn guarded.

In response to the gods’ predicament, Loki was dispatched to rescue Idunn from Thjazi’s clutches. Loki cunningly devised a plan to lure Thjazi into a trap. He enticed Thjazi to chase him to Asgard, where the gods had built a massive bonfire. As Thjazi, still in eagle form, swooped down to capture Loki, the flames from the bonfire engulfed him. Unable to escape the fire, Thjazi was consumed, and the gods were able to rescue Idunn.

With Idunn back in Asgard and the apples of eternal youth restored, the gods once again regained their vigor and vitality.

Facts About Idun

  • In some interpretations of Norse mythology, Idun is considered one of the survivors of Ragnarok, the apocalyptic event that marks the end of the world. Her role in the new world after Ragnarok remains significant.
  • As interest in Norse mythology and pagan practices has revived in modern times, Idun continues to be recognized and honored by those who follow Norse Heathenry and Ásatrú.
  • The name “Idun” is believed to be derived from the Old Norse word “ið” or “iðr,” which means “again” or “renewal.” This name aligns with her role as a goddess of rejuvenation.

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Idun Facts

Rules over: Eternal Youth, Immortality
Symbols:Golden Apples
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