Sigyn is a Norse goddess. She is a lesser-known figure in Norse mythology, often associated with loyalty, devotion, and suffering. Sigyn is primarily known through her connection to the god Loki and her role in certain myths. Sigyn is known as the wife of Loki, the trickster god in Norse mythology. Their union is not prominently featured in the surviving myths, but it is referenced in some texts.


Sigyn’s presence is limited in the surviving Norse texts, and she does not play a central role in many myths. As such not much is known about her.


Sigyn is the wife of Loki, one of the central figures in Norse mythology. Loki is known for his cunning, shapeshifting abilities, and his role in causing both mischief and significant events among the gods.

Sigyn is traditionally considered the mother of Narfi  Loki’s son. Narfi’s story is tragic. In myth, he is killed by Vali, who is transformed into a wolf by the gods and tasked with killing Narfi as retribution for Loki’s role in the death of Baldur, a beloved god.

Powers & Duties

Sigyn is primarily known for her loyalty to Loki and her willingness to endure suffering on his behalf, as seen in the myth where she holds a bowl to catch the venom dripping onto him.


Loki’s treacherous deeds lead to the death of Baldur and eventually lead to his capture by the gods. He is imprisoned in a cave with his body bound by the entrails of his own son, Narfi, transformed into a wolf. A venomous serpent, referred to as a snake or worm, is suspended above Loki’s head, poised to drip its venom onto his face.

Sigyn, deeply devoted to her husband despite his actions, remains by his side during his imprisonment. She holds a bowl or basin beneath the venomous serpent, catching its poison to prevent it from falling onto Loki’s face. However, whenever the bowl becomes full, she is forced to empty it, leaving Loki vulnerable to the venom’s burning torment.

In this manner, Sigyn endures the agony of watching her husband suffer while doing everything in her power to alleviate his pain. Her loyalty and self-sacrifice in the face of her husband’s punishment are a poignant portrayal of devotion and endurance.

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