Urd, often referred to as Urðr, is one of the three Norns in Norse mythology. The Norns are powerful female figures who shape the destinies of gods and humans by weaving the threads of fate and destiny. Urd is the Norn of the past. Her name, “Urðr,” can be translated as “fate” or “that which has become.” She is responsible for weaving the threads of the past into the tapestry of destiny. The Norns are powerful cosmic figures associated with the weaving of fate and destiny, and they reside near the Well of Urd, where they shape the threads of the past, present, and future. As such, their appearances are often depicted in ways that reflect their cosmic and mystical nature.


The Norns are typically depicted as three sisters who work together to weave the threads of fate and destiny. While they are not explicitly described as having familial relationships in the same way humans do, their interconnectedness and collaboration highlight their collective significance. The Norns are often mentioned together.


Worship of the Norns, including Urd, is not extensively documented in historical sources, and their worship might have been more abstract and philosophical rather than the structured practices associated with some other gods in Norse mythology.

Facts About Urd

  • Urd is the Norn of the past. Her name, “Urðr,” translates to “fate” or “that which has become.” She weaves the threads of past events into the tapestry of destiny.
  • Urd resides near the Well of Urd (Urðarbrunnr), one of the sacred wells at the roots of the World Tree Yggdrasil. This well holds the wisdom and memories of all that has happened in the past.
  • The Norns’ weaving of fate encompasses past, present, and future, reflecting the cyclical nature of time in Norse cosmology.
  • Urd’s role in weaving fate emphasizes the interconnectedness of all events and beings. This interconnectedness is known as “Wyrd” in Old English and “Orlog” in Old Norse.

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Urd Facts

Rules over: Light, Joy, Summer.
Symbols:Ringhorn (Greatest of all ships)
Linked Animals:
Parents:Odin (Father) and Frigg (Mother)
Siblings: Hod, Hermod; Thor, Vidar, and Vali are half-siblings
Greek Similar: Apollo
Roman Similar: Apollo