In Norse mythology, Váli (sometimes spelled Vali) is a god associated with vengeance and rebirth. Váli’s most notable mythological appearance is in the aftermath of the death of Baldr, the god of light and beauty.

After Baldr’s death, the gods were filled with grief and anger, and they sought to avenge his murder. Váli was born for the sole purpose of avenging Baldr’s death. In some versions of the myth, Váli grows to adulthood in an incredibly short period of time, and he hunts down and kills Höðr, the blind god who unwittingly shot Baldr with a mistletoe arrow, causing his death.


Váli’s father is Odin, Váli’s mother is Rindr.

Vali is the Half-brother of: Baldur, Bragi, Heimdall, Hodr, Thor, Tyr, and Vidar

Powers & Duties

In Norse mythology, Váli doesn’t have a wide array of powers and abilities like some of the other gods. His role is more focused on fulfilling a specific purpose within the context of the Baldr’s death and the cycle of vengeance.

Váli grew to full adulthood within one day of his birth, and slew Höðr before going on to bind Loki. He is prophesied to survive Ragnarök.


Immediately following Baldur’s final breath, his life tragically ended by Hodr’s inadvertent act, Rindr bore a son named Vali. Odin, cradling his child, declared Vali the remedy for the sorrow that had befallen the Aesir.

As the day yielded to twilight, Vali matured into a robust young man. Swiftly, he exacted retribution for Hodr’s transgression, ending Hodr’s life for the crime committed.

Upon discovering Loki’s malevolent role in Baldur’s demise, the Aesir rallied to apprehend him. Loki’s elusion was short-lived; he was captured and confined within a subterranean cavern.

The Aesir transformed Vali into a wolf. This lupine form was then employed to rend Loki’s son Narfi apart. From Narfi’s remains, iron fetters were forged, binding Loki with chains made from his entrails.

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Vali Facts

Rules over: Vengeance
Linked Animals:
Parents:Odin (Father) and Rindr (Mother)
Siblings: Baldur, Bragi, Heimdall, Hodr, Thor, Tyr, and Vidar
Greek Similar:
Roman Similar: