In Norse mythology, “Var” is a lesser-known goddess associated with oaths and pledges. She is mentioned in the Prose Edda, a collection of Norse myths and stories compiled by Snorri Sturluson. Var’s role revolves around the concept of vows and agreements, making her a guardian of oaths and promises made between individuals.

Var’s name itself is derived from the Old Norse word “var,” which means “pledge” or “oath.” While she doesn’t have extensive stories or myths dedicated to her, she holds significance in the broader context of Norse society, which placed great importance on honor and fulfilling one’s word.

Powers & Duties

Var is primarily known as a goddess who oversees and guards oaths, pledges, and agreements. Her power lies in ensuring that promises and vows made between individuals are upheld and respected. She is invoked to witness and protect the sanctity of these commitments.

Var is believed to have the ability to enforce the consequences of breaking oaths. In Norse society, breaking an oath was considered a serious offense, and invoking Var’s name when making a promise added an element of accountability to the agreement.

Facts About Var

  • Var is one of the lesser-known figures in Norse mythology, which might be due to her specific domain and role

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Var Facts

Rules over: Oaths ,Pledges
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