Frequently Asked Questions

Can we provide you with info on gods we would be interested in hearing?

Absolutely! we are all on a learning journey and if we can learn from you to help others all the better!

Are there any ongoing updates or additions to the information presented on this website, and how can I stay up-to-date with them?

Yes! we plan to post regularly on gods we have researched on, please keep coming back to check on new additions. Also keep up to date via our social media as we will update members when a new article or update to our pantheons list is added.

Is there a particular audience that this website is intended for, such as students or scholars, or is it intended for a general audience?

This site is intended for anyone who is curious about gods, myths and legends. We hope there is something to find here for everyone..

Are there any forums or discussion boards associated with this website where I can ask questions or share my own insights on the myths and legends presented here?

Yes we do have a forum , but you need to become a member to access the site, also you can join our facebook group and discuss there as well .

Are there any interactive features on this website, such as quizzes or games, that can help me learn more about the gods, myths and legends presented here?

We do have a quiz section, at the moment we dont have a lot available but we plan to add about two new quizzes each month.

What kind of sources were used to compile the information on this website, and how reliable are they?

We compile from many sources , Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Apmex, PJMedia, Ancient Origins and multiple schools and colleges.