Waugal, a significant figure in the mythology of the Noongar people of southwestern Australia, is a serpent-like being associated with the creation of the land and its natural features. According to Noongar beliefs, Waugal played a crucial role in shaping the landscape and leaving behind physical traces of its presence, such as waterways and other prominent landmarks.


Waugal is often depicted as a large serpent with a long, sinuous body. It is described as having colorful scales that shimmer in the sunlight, representing its connection to the spiritual realm. Waugal’s size and strength are emphasized, symbolizing its role as a guardian and protector of the land and its inhabitants.

Powers & Duties

Waugal is associated with a range of powers and abilities in Noongar mythology. It is believed to have control over water sources, enabling it to create and shape rivers, lakes, and waterholes. Waugal’s presence is associated with the life-giving properties of water and its ability to sustain both the natural world and human communities. Additionally, Waugal is considered a protector, guarding sacred sites and offering spiritual guidance


Several symbols are associated with Waugal, each representing its significance and influence. The serpent itself is a prominent symbol, embodying its connection to the land and water. Water and the various forms it takes, such as rivers and waterholes, are symbols of Waugal’s presence and its role in providing sustenance and balance to the environment. Additionally, the rainbow is often associated with Waugal, representing its connection to both water and the spiritual realm.


Noongar communities engage in rituals and ceremonies to honor and connect with Waugal. These ceremonies often take place at significant sites associated with the serpent, such as waterholes or riverbanks. Dance, song, storytelling, and the offering of respect and gratitude are integral parts of these rituals. They serve as a means of maintaining a harmonious relationship with Waugal and seeking its protection and blessings.


Waugal Facts

Rules over: Water
Symbols:Rivers , Waterholes, Rainbows
Sacred animals:Serpent
Greek Similar:
Roman Similar: