Rán is a sea goddess in Norse mythology. She is often depicted as a fierce and powerful figure associated with the dangers of the sea, particularly the act of capturing those who drown. Rán is considered one of the jötnar (giants) in Norse mythology, and she plays a distinct role within the pantheon.


Ran, Aegir’s spouse, embodies an ethereal appearance, with blue-green skin lending her a delicate aura. Her lengthy, ebony tresses trail behind her as she moves through Aegir’s hall, seamlessly connected to the vast expanse of seaweed in the northern oceans. Despite the ability to assume a mermaid’s or a human’s form, she predominantly opts for the latter, potentially due to her role as the hostess of Aegir’s hall, where walking on mother-of-pearl floors takes precedence over swimming.


Rán is married to Ægir, a jötunn (giant) associated with the sea. While Ægir is often depicted as a more hospitable figure, hosting feasts for gods and giants, Rán’s role emphasizes the dangers and treacherous aspects of the ocean.

Rán and Ægir have nine daughters, Blóðughadda, Bylgja, Drǫfn, Dúfa, Hefring, Himinglæva, Hrǫnn, Kólga and Unnr collectively known as the “Nine Daughters of Ægir and Rán.” These daughters are often associated with various aspects of the sea, such as waves, foam, tides, and other characteristics of the ocean.

Powers & Duties

Rán is known for using her net to capture the souls of sailors and those who perish at sea. She collects the souls of those who die in the ocean’s depths, guiding them to the afterlife.

Rán exercises authority over the ocean’s unpredictable and perilous nature. Her power symbolizes the forces of the sea, including its waves, currents, and tempestuous storms.

Facts About Ran

  • Rán is a significant figure in Norse mythology and is primarily associated with the sea. She embodies the dangerous and unpredictable aspects of the ocean.
  • Rán appears in Old Norse sagas and Eddic poetry, providing glimpses into her character and her role in the Norse cosmology.

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Ran Facts

Rules over: Personification of the Sea
Linked Animals:Artic grayling, a common loon, great blue heron.
Siblings: Fjorgyn and Hertha
Greek Similar:
Roman Similar: