Belenus is a prominent deity in Celtic mythology, revered as the god of the sun and associated with light, healing, and fertility. His origins trace back to ancient Celtic beliefs, where he emerged as a powerful figure embodying the life-giving qualities of the sun.


Belenus is often depicted as a radiant and majestic figure, emanating warmth and light. He is portrayed with golden hair and a radiant aura, symbolizing the brilliance and vitality of the sun. Belenus’s depiction evokes a sense of awe and reverence, reflecting the essential role of the sun in sustaining life.


In Celtic mythology, Belenus is often associated with the goddess Belisama, believed to be his consort. Together, they represent the divine union of the sun and the sacred feminine, embodying the harmony between light and fertility.


Symbols associated with Belenus encompass solar imagery, such as the sun disk or a flaming wheel, representing the radiant power of the sun. Other symbols may include depictions of fire, light, and lush vegetation, symbolizing Belenus’s connection to growth, vitality, and the cycle of life. These symbols evoke the life-sustaining qualities and transformative power of the sun.

Powers & Duties

As the sun god, Belenus possesses remarkable powers and abilities associated with the sun’s influence. He is believed to bestow healing and vitality upon his worshipers, providing warmth, growth, and renewal. Belenus’s powers extend beyond the physical realm, encompassing spiritual illumination and enlightenment.


Belenus’s role as the sun god made him a central figure in Celtic religious practices. Worshipers honored and revered Belenus through various rituals and ceremonies, often held during the summer solstice, a significant time when the sun’s power is at its peak. Offerings, prayers, and dances were dedicated to Belenus to seek blessings of abundance, fertility, and protection.

Facts About Belenus

  • Belenus was widely venerated by the Celts, and his worship spanned across different regions and tribes, indicating his importance and widespread recognition.
  • In Celtic mythology, Belenus’s divine radiance was believed to have the power to drive away evil spirits and bring forth blessings and good fortune.
  • Many sacred sites in ancient Celtic lands were dedicated to Belenus, including stone circles and temples where rituals and ceremonies were performed to honor his divine presence.
  • Belenus’s attributes as a healing deity made him associated with sacred springs and wells, believed to possess curative properties blessed by his divine influence.
  • Belenus’s influence extended beyond the Celtic lands and influenced Roman mythology, where he was equated with the Roman god Apollo, further solidifying his importance and cultural significance.

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Belenus Facts

Rules over: Sun, Fire
Symbols:Sun disk or a flaming wheel
Sacred Animal:Horse
Greek Similar: Apollo
Roman Similar: Apollo